Sign Language Classes

Sign Language Communication offers web-based and in-person sign language instruction programs, designed to effectively teach you American Sign Language (ASL) at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The courses focus on conversational ASL and make extensive use of digital video to demonstrate the visual nature of signing. These in-depth programs are perfect for anyone wanting to learning ASL.

Sign Language Communication offers a full range of classes from beginners to advanced students focused on:

  • meeting personal needs to communicate with Deaf people,
  • learning about the social, historical, educational and cultural aspects of the Deaf.
  • preparing for the Interpreter Preparation Program.
  • preparing to enter the field of Deaf Education.
  • providing added skills for employees in public and private agencies to meet the need of Deaf clients and patients.
  • preparing for Deaf Education teacher training programs.
  • satisfying the bilingual requirements of occupations such as law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medicine, etc. in the areas of management and personnel.
  • working with relay and referral agencies which provide equal opportunities to Deaf people.

Please contact our Class Coordinator to assist you with the appropriate sign language class placement.