Conference Sign Language Interpreting

Sign Language Communication provides sign language interpreters for conferences nationwide assisting deaf/hard of hearing individuals and ensuring public access, awareness and compliance.

Sign Language Communication interpreters are current in both skills and subjects of expertise and follow the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct, which guarantees quality and confidentiality of interpretation. Our company offers highly qualified American sign language and trilingual interpreters to cover your event.

Based on the length and complexity of the conference, Sign Language Communication uses team interpreting for stage assignments, conferences, meetings and presentations. The use of a team promotes the accuracy of the interpretation, as the interpreters will rotate roles approximately every 15-20 minutes. A team of interpreters typically consists of two interpreters, where one takes a primary role of signing the information to the client while the other takes a supporting role and feeds specific or technical information to the primary interpreter. The number of interpretation teams usually depends on the number of deaf attendees, the communication preferences, needs of the participants and the conference program or agenda.

Please contact our Conference Coordinator to assist you in determining how many teams are needed for your conference.